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Admin made easy.

The Creative Card is a digital ID for music creatives. It houses all the information a music creator needs when handling a song's business, like their IPI# and PRO, and makes it easy to share via a QR code. 

Conceptualized in the Fall of 2022, The Creative Card was created by Grammy Winning Songwriter/Artist/Advocate Tiffany Red, Music Executive/Manager/Advocate Maria T. Lyons, and Platinum Selling Songwriter/Advocate Rosemarie Tan. This powerhouse team who advocates for music creatives daily also serves as the executive team for the nonprofit songwriter advocacy company, The 100 Percenters. After two years of advocating for fair pay for songwriters, they developed a solution that they believe will modernize the process of song splits and credits and will streamline the admin process.

Music business made easy.

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